Triumph brings back to life a name full of successes, that of the Trident, our atelier echoes it, paying homage to the glorious Slippery Sam with the only name that we feel to approach next to that of the famous trident, we present the Neptune project.


Neptune S

A sharp middle fairing with strong reminders of the past, engineered and designed to be installed without having to cut or irreversibly modify your bike. Together with the fairing will be flanked by a kit of handlebars.

Neptune R

It’s the stage 2 of our kit, it is applied over the half fairing of the S version, giving you the possibility to have 3 bikes in 1. (Standard / Half fairing / Full fairing). The kit will also include a seat cover in real racer style.

The designer

Davide Colombi Teacher of Motorcycle Design at ISSAM Design Institute and, at the same time, Automotive Designer at HIGH TECH ASSOCIATED where he works on car setup at Ferrari SpA.



You thought we had nothing else to tell you? Here is the first race livery, a tribute to the famous Slippery Sam, in the next days we will show you another one, so come back to visit us.


The famous designer Nuno Henriques, better known on Instagram as @hellocousteau use the white fairings of the neptune as a canvas and revisits them graphically to bring you his vision of motorcycle art. What do you think? Let us know in the poll below the photos.

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It’s been a little over a month since we showed you a preview of our Project Neptune and your enthusiasm has been heartwarming. We thought and hoped you would like it but your compliments have pushed us further. We have received messages from all over the world, many of whom have asked to order it. We feel in a circuit, in the starting grid, the lights go out. 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1, let’s go!


Just arrived at the Triumph of Rome we immediately went to see how to develop the project and the challenges we would face. We had a steep climb ahead of us but the desire to start is great. We can’t let you down.

MARCH 2021

It’s been a little over a month since its arrival in dealerships and thanks to the partnership with TRIUMPH ROMA GRA we are already ready to perform the 3D scan of the Trident. As always, we have relied on true leaders in the industry to ensure that all measurements are perfect. Our whole team can’t wait to start modeling the lines of the new Neptune.

APRIL 2021

Here are the very first surfaces placed on the bikes, the work is still very long but it’s going well, the fairing seems to be born to be installed on this bike. The beginning is amazing.

MAY 2021

You know its side view by now by heart, it’s time to add more details. The front view reveals that the headlight we will use will bae the same as the original bike, around it will be a surface that recalls the same design of the tank. No detail will be forgotten.

JUNE 2021

Another step forward. In June we also start modelling the second fairing and we start to get down to the details of the windshield. We are trying to stay as faithful as possible to the design and the hard work seems to be rewarding. In the coming months there will be many challenges, we will have to find mounting points for the fairings and we will have to relocate the dashboard efficiently, not forgetting of course the top yoke and handlebars. The list is really long, but we are looking forward to it.

JULY 2021

Last update before the summer break. This month, in addition to the windshield and a first improvement of the surfaces, we started to design all the part of relocation elements and brackets that will be used to connect the new fairings to the frame of the motorcycle. Not a simple job considering that the Trident was not designed to have a fairing.


It’s time for us to recharge our batteries. We will be closed from 7 to 23 August. Many news are coming (not only for Trident) and as always we will tell you month by month. Happy vacations to everyone.


Great day on the ISAM circuit to test new parts for Triumph Trident. Some of these parts were visible as the new race headlight cover, others were instead “invisible” and we needed to verify some components to fix the fairings of the Neptune project. The headlight cover will soon be available for purchase. A big thank you to Francesco Nicoletti, Roberto Curzi and Gabriele Curzi of Triumph ROMA GRA for the great support and professionalism.


A small project advance, a big step for the Neptune project, the saddle cover is officially the first part to be completed. Now it’s time to prepare the prototypes. Next month we will test the cover on the real bike to make sure everything is up to our expectations.


Here are the very first prototypes of the Project Neptune tail. There are many small details to work on to reach the desired level, but we are satisfied, the tail is already mounted well and aesthetically the photos do not give it the right credit, the few people who were able to see live the Trident with the single seat were really impressed.


For the last month of the year we focused on defining the placement of the dashboard. Due to the new design it could not be left in its original positions, so it was integrated into the inner fairing of the bike, at a wider angle than stock.


New year, we start where we left off. We worked out the new design of the controls by trying to keep the handlebar mounts as open as possible in relation to the size of the new fairing. Our aim is to leave the rider in the less uncomfortable position possible compared to the original handlebar position, and we believe we have achieved that.


One year has passed since the start of our adventure, which will be completed in the next few months. In this month we have defined the design and engineering of the last element of the Neptune kit, the lower fairing. Other design elements are finished and we are proud to show you the final version. The seat cover design has been sent to the milling shop to create the model for the carbon moulds that will be used for production, so get ready because we will soon open the pre-orders for the first pieces.

MARCH 2022

We are now in the final stage of the design process so we are focusing on less visible but no less important parts. Not being able to take use of the bike’s original fittings for headlight and dashboard, we had 3D scans made so we could redesign the way these elements connect to the new fairing.

APRIL 2022

The design stages of the bike are finally done, we think we managed to keep the design as close as possible to the first drawings we showed you now a year ago, it was a long work but we let you judge if it was worth it. So we are happy to present you with the defining renderings from Neptune! Now what? The final step of the project that will bring the Neptune to market begins: making the first prototype. As always we will continue to keep you updated on all the news even though it is possible that it will no longer be every month, in the meantime we wanted to thank you for all the messages of support that you keep sending us from all over the world, you are the energy that pushes us forward despite the many challenges that this kind of project requires.


August 2023

First of all, we wanted to say a big thank you to all of you fans who continue to support us, we went through so many times when we wanted to give up the project but your continued support pushed us to not give up!
So again thank you, We can do this!

Here is the long-awaited update on the Neptune project.
What has happened over the past few months? First of all, the supplier had given us a July delivery date instead the fairings arrived in December due to several implementation problems he says he had, I would say not a good start.
Upon closer inspection, we discovered that certain design elements implemented on the bike were not functional, specifically the fairing attachment located on the steering head.
In the months to follow we redesigned and produced several prototypes of new attachments that could work with the prototype we had available to avoid more months of waiting, not to mention the cost of prototyping.
In April the attachment system was finally in place and we could do a first fairing test…when we realized that the left side of the fairings had very poor dimensional accuracy (5mm shorter), definitely not good news. 

We have tailored the fairing in any case so that we can do other checks when we realize other parts that need to be redesigned, such as the space to turn the forks properly, the dashboard mount can be removed to leave the stock one, the system we had designed for the radiator is unnecessarily complex even if aesthetically better.
Quotes have also come in regarding the making of all the carbon parts ( moulds, templates, etc.), we are way over the price that it is reasonable for us to sell this kit…which cannot cost as much as buying another bike.

So what to do now? Go back to the design table to solve all the problems that have arisen and above all optimize the design as much as possible to make it easier to produce so that it can have a selling price that is affordable, have another prototype made (this time we ship correct measurements and in the right delivery time) and hope that everything is in order to finally start production. See you soon!


The prototyping stage has begun; we will keep you updated point by point on what is needed to bring the PROTO 001 version of the Neptune to life. The parts that are needed are: Windshield Inner fairing Outer fairing S Outer fairing R Headlight bracket Seat cover Handlebars Arrows Mirrors Clamps / Brackets / Screws

August 2022

Here is the status of the parts that make up first prototype, from here you can monitor how the development is progressing.


  • Purchase Trident 660
  • Plexiglass windshield
  • Prototype internal fairing
  • Prototype external fairing Neptune S
  • Prototype external fairing Neptune R
  • Headlight bracket
  • Seat Cover
  • Handlebars
  • Indicators
  • Mirrors
  • Clamps / Brackets / Screws
  • Painting


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